I have always been fascinated by the arts. I grew up taking piano lessons, I love to go to the ballet, and I painted and drew at every opportunity. I loved to document everything on film with the camera that I purchased with my babysitting money. After taking a class in high school and learning to develop in the dark room, I was hooked.


I live just outside Chicago with my two ridiculously cute boys, my insanely awesome husband, and our adorable dog, who is also a boy. I don’t mind being the only girl in our home since I grew up in a big family with four brothers and just one sister. When I was little, my parents would pack up all 6 of us kids in the summer and we would drive across the country to California to visit our many relatives there. Those adventures developed in me an inclination for wanderlust and adventure.

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I absolutely love languages and cooking. I love cultures and learning all about people, their families, their traditions, and the traditions they hold most dear. I lived in Chile for almost a year and a half and spent a semester abroad in Mexico in college. I did another semester in Hawaii working with ESL students and I am always on the lookout for my next destination. I’m that girl, making friends with the family from Spain in the line at the Uffizi in Florence.

Photography encompasses my love of art and people. Weddings are a beautiful fusion of your closest family, dearest friends, and intimate moments. It is an indescribable honor to be present and capture those magical images that leave you breathless. I believe in working closely with my clients and gaining a trusting relationship. With that trust, those special moments will happen more organically as you release yourself to be in the present.


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